More than 2 million people are living with three hours of electricity a day in Gaza. We are on a mission to bring solar energy and light to Gaza. Click here to learn how you can join us.

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    The solution for all of your energy problems
    SunBox solves all the problems you used to have with electricity, providing you with enough solar energy to power everything you need
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    One solution for everyone
    SunBox introduces an affordable off-grid, self-installable small solar kit for families who suffer from electricity shortage


SunBox is designed with unique features to replace the other expensive supplements such as generators and fuel

1kWh per day

Our system provides enough electricity to support basic appliances such as lights, fan, phone and laptop chargers, and connection to the internet

On-grid charging

SunBox is a hybrid system that charges the battery with three hours of electricity a day

Solar Charging

Our system is designed to be connected and charged mainly on solar energy.

220VAC Output

Our system has two outputs with 220VAC to run AC loads

Smart Battery Management

SunBox is protecting the battery from operating outside its safe operating area and monitoring its state

Easy Setup

Our system is sell-instalable, as the family does not need a techincan to connect the whole package


1kWh per day


Watt DC/AC inverter


100Ah Gel Battery


5 Sockets (USB, 9V and 220V)

This is what our clients have to say

We suffered a lot from the bad situation of the electricity. I am so happy we have electricity through the SunBox solar kit.

We used to have only have 3 hours a day. Now, I am able to study and do my homework at night and am no longer worried.

Our Team

We’re a group of entrepreneurs from Gaza, supported by businesspeople from all over the world

Majd Mashharawi

Majd Mashharawi

Chief Executive Officer

A civil engineer, she founded GreenCake a company that creates environmentally friendly bricks. She worked as coordinator in many international organizations Gaza like EDCO.

Ammar Nada

Ammar Nada

Chairman of Advisory Board

ِA systems engineer and Project Manager of Economic Mapping team at UN also a social entrepreneur with experience in strategy, data analysis and business development.He worked as a senior business consultant at IBM.

Ahmad Barzaq

Ahmad Barzaq

Chief Marketing Officer

Ahmad got his B.Sc in Business Administration. During his studying, he worked as a salesman in several big companies like Paltel and Medical Supplies and Services in Gaza.

Riham Abu Haiba

Riham Abu Haiba

Chief of Operations Officer

An Environmental Engineer. Her passion towards the environmental issues led her to implement many environmental applications as Hydroponic agriculture, besides producing methane gas from organic waste.


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